New Implementation

BluPond implementations have been recognized by external parties for the business value they deliver to customers and the on-time, on-budget delivery of these projects globally. We leverage industry best practices, accelerators, templates, and a global delivery to ensure that implementations are delivered at the lowest total cost of ownership. Business consulting is a key part of all these projects. We help customers improve their business processes, identify to-be processes, map their business requirements to the functionality available in the various ERP packages, and help with final package selection. Effective Change Management ensures that the new project is adopted by the organization. Functional, Performance, and Regression testing are a key component of all these implementations. End user training is an important part and we leverage E-learning to develop training courses to keep costs low.

Accelerated Implementation Packages

We understand the cost constraints of our customers. Hence, we have developed industry vertical focused accelerated implementation packages:

System Validation/Compliance

For industry verticals where system validation and regulatory requirements for compliant manufacturing are very important, BluPond provides validation solutions as a part of our ERP implementations.

Global Roll outs


The SAP rollout concept is important for businesses operating across different geographic locations that have centralized, common operating functions in their SAP systems. A rollout ensures uniform operations as well as a global view of the business. This central view means analytics data is easily available.

After the headquarters or reference location goes live in your SAP system, you must plan the rollout to other locations. The rollout location usually copies about 80% to 85% of the functionality of the reference implementation. The remaining functionality meets local legal requirements and you cannot copy it. You need to plan for the testing of any functionality specific to those rollout locations.

Rollout location implementations follow the same ASAP roadmap as the reference implementation project. You can download the Web-based roadmap from SAP Service Marketplace (SMP login required). The system-based roadmap is available in SAP Solution Manager’s RMMAIN transaction. The ASAP roadmap phases are:

Phase I: Local project preparation

Phase II: Local business blueprint

Phase III: Local realization

Phase IV: Local final preparation

Phase V: Local go-live and support